The RK POD Speed & Agility Program has been designed to assist athletes for a range of sports.

It is a carefully designed program that incorporates a selection of drills. These drills will improve an athlete’s speed off the mark and their general speed. It will develop their agility and their speed with lateral and semi-lateral movement.

There is a focus on acceleration and deceleration and change of direction speed. There is a large focus on arm speed, arm mechanics and understanding how this maximises speed and acceleration. The drills work on a variety of skills and this is done with progressive development.

The program operates with 4 different drills used in each session. Two drills focus on lateral mobility and agility and two drills on acceleration and speed. Each drill ends with a 10 metre sprint out. Our program incorporates 24 different sets of drills. There is an emphasis on recovery between drill sets so that athletes can complete each drill to the highest skill level possible.

speed and agility training
speed and agility training
speed and agility training

Introducing our Ambassador for RK POD – Speed and Agility


Marcus is a former Australian Rules footballer who played 15 seasons at AFL level with 318 senior games and 3 Premierships with the Brisbane Lions as well as representing QLD, Allies and Australia at International Rules.

Winner of the Brisbane Lions Most Professional Player multiple times, Marcus is testament to an athletes durability, meticulous training and dedication to excellence forming the foundation for success. Marcus attributes successful athletic performance to training as hard as you play and trusting the coaches and professionals to do their job so you can perform at your best.

Marcus states “RK POD – Speed and Agility is a program that will complement any aspiring athlete to improve their technique, skills and overall fitness.”
We feel privileged to have such a Legend on board supporting our program.

Marcus Ashcroft
RK POD - Marcus Ashcroft
Marcus Ashcroft