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Sierra Leone Marathon 2019

Here in Australia we have access to sporting events at our fingertips – including the opportunity to choose where and when we want to sign up for a ‘fun run’. In other parts of the world however, the reality is that this isn’t so easy.

With that in mind, RK POD established a partnership to support a group of underprivileged and orphaned children to participate in the Sierra Leone Marathon in 2018. RK POD came together to raise money for this special cause which enabled 15 children to access transport to and from their remote village to the event, have their race entry fees covered, obtain a new pair of running shoes, access healthy food, drinks and sports nutrition and be proudly presented with an RK POD team shirt. This event is a highlight for the young runners who have enormous appreciation for the opportunity to participate in this annual festival.

This collaboration came about due to a unique connection through one of the members of RK POD, Kat Cacavas, who spent many years living (and running) in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

RK POD’s connection to the runners in Sierra Leone is an ongoing commitment with plans to develop this relationship by ensuring the children can access this and similar events in the future. Watch this space as we look to send quality pre-loved running gear to Sierra Leone while continuing to ensure children can have the opportunity to experience the joy of running, despite the challenges that their young lives have already thrown at them.