Providing Training, Support and a Friendly Community for Runners Globally

All Ages

RK POD is open and welcoming to all ages. It’s truly “never too late” to start running. Whether you are 18 or 80… the POD has something to offer you. Customised training plans and advice to suit your age and goals. Come on down and join us for a run!

All Abilities

Beginner through to Elite, RK POD will support you on your own personal running journey. A large group of people turn out for each run, and everyone settles in with people of a similar pace. And at coffee time, you feel the equality of this amazing group of people who are just happy to be out running with other like minded people. Run for fun, everyone is welcome at the POD.

All Distances

From 5K through to 100 kilometer Ultras. We have every kind of runner. Without doubt we attract a good bunch of people aiming at the Half Marathon and Marathon distances. People are often amazed at the shorter runs people do during the week when training for a marathon. The easy aerobic paced runs that serve as recovery runs, make it fun for everyone to participate.

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What Runners Say About RK POD

What Ross offers is so unique, the Pod family that he has created is something else.  Ross has given me the confidence to call myself a runner, he has lead me to complete some major personal goals. Running with the Pod makes me a better person and for that I’m very grateful. Some solid memories made that’s for sure.

Angela Reeves
Angela ReevesUltra Runner and 1 x Marathon
Running with the RK POD has helped take my running to the next level. The results from Ross’ proven training programs (for whatever your goals or fitness level) speak for themselves. Since joining The RK POD family I have achieved my marathon PB and many other goals including a 1st in category race result. However it’s the training and social aspect of RK POD that keeps me turning up week-in, week-out. It’s a very special group/club/team to be part of and who doesn’t want to run in Burleigh?
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford5 x Marathon

I have been running with RK POD for over a year now and I can truly say it is more than just a running group. There are runners of all abilities – from Marathon Winners, Ultra marathon runners as well as social runners who love a chat and coffee to follow.

Ross utilises many years of experience to co-ordinate different runs each day of the week so you can choose a program that suits you. Running plans and advice are there if required. Above and beyond all this is the fun and positive environment whereby everyone encourages each other.

I am very thankful for my running group! Thanks Ross and the RK POD

Dan Horne
Dan Horne

It was the peak of summer in early December 2017 that I began my running journey with RK POD.  Naturally, I was nervous and the many little voices in my mind were questioning me all at once.  Will I know anyone?  Will I be able to keep up?  What if I get lost on this trail?  Upon opening my car door to join The POD for the first time, warm smiles welcomed me.

‘PODsters’ immediately assured me that no runner is ever left behind and how true that was. Jules and Leigh supported me on my first run, sacrificing longer kilometres to guarantee that my first experience was positive. I will never forget this moment of inclusion with pure reassurance. Every week I look forward to running with a wide range of athletes that share the joy of running and the taste of a quality cuppa.

RK POD offers opportunities to runners of all abilities and levels of fitness. I began my journey 6 months ago being able to run 5km and in just under 4 weeks I will be running my first half marathon with confidence largely due to the training and support that is provided by Ross.  The positivity and encouragement that is carried within the group is infectious.

Each and every week, RK POD caters for all runners with differentiated programs to suit all goals and needs.  I am thrilled to belong to RK POD and thankful for the time, effort and support that Ross dedicates to every RK POD member.

Chloe Halcro
Chloe Halcro

I freaked out when I turned 40…what happened to my personal goal of running a marathon when I turned 30. Life is over…wrong… this is when I joined RK POD and started running.

I would never have thought this running group of strangers would become my family. The friendship, camaraderie, understanding and support one develops while running is truly special. The POD family has encouraged me to run and complete my first marathon plus a 50km race.

This is just the beginning…

Jenny Leeds
Jenny Leeds